When you need an interpreter, you may think that you do not have time to search for a professional. You may find yourself wanting to turn to a trusted bilingual acquaintance or friend. And, in informal settings, a bilingual individual may be able to translate equitably.

But if you are facing a need for interpretation in a medical, legal, or business situation, you need to hire a qualified professional. You want an interpreter who is well-equipped to meet the challenges and nuances of your situation. Medical interpreters, for example, may be called on to assist with time and health-sensitive diagnosis and treatment concerns. Interpreters in legal and business settings may be handling highly valuable and/ or confidential information.

Whatever your situation, you want to have peace of mind regarding both the ability and the credibility of your interpreter. This is why you want to hire a professional interpreter instead of relying on a bilingual acquaintance or friend. At A Foreign Language Service, we provide interpreters who are able to step into your unique situation and provide highly qualified and expertly personalized interpretation.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Interpreter:

(1). Focused Education and Training: Professional interpreters carry certifications in their areas of specialization, and they may hold professional degrees as well. In addition, professional interpreters are involved in ongoing training to make sure that they are always able to provide accurate interpretation services.

(2). Understanding of Cultural Concerns: Professional interpreters spend considerable time honing their understanding of cultural concerns. They are knowledgeable of the cultural backgrounds of both parties involved. As a result, nuances of usage and expression are not “lost in translation.” Instead, cultural and personal nuances are communicated with respect for and understanding of both parties involved.

(3). Adherence to Professional Standards: Professional interpreters follow professional standards of practice in interpretation settings. This means, for example, that interpreters do not add their own views or perspectives to what is being communicated. They do not guess as to the meaning of oblique phrases, and they do not omit unnecessary words. They can be counted on, as well, to arrive on time, wear appropriate dress, and display courteous manners.

A Foreign Language Service offers professional interpretation services in 400 languages and counting. You can request a personalized quote online or with a toll free call to (844) 813-4242. We look forward to meeting your interpretation needs!

Why hire a professional interpreter instead of a bilingual acquaintance?