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Our services eliminate language barriers and facilitate seamless communication, by offering professional interpretation and translation services. With a wide range of over 400 languages, we enable you to connect effortlessly with individuals worldwide. Our services come at a competitive price, complemented by unparalleled customer care. Contact us today at 844-813-4242.

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Remote Interpreting

Do you have an immediate need for an interpreter? A Foreign Language Service can help your business to deliver a better client experience regardless of any language barrier through our real-time SpeakNOW™ Over the Phone Interpreting and Video services.

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Document Translation

If you can write it, we can translate it. Our document translation team has the experience and subject matter expertise to ensure your message is communicated accurately. We ensure that your translated document with all its translated text has all its context preserved

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In-Person Interpreting

Do you have an immediate need for an interpreter? A Foreign Language Service can help your business to deliver a better client experience regardless of any language barrier through our real-time SpeakNOW™ Over the Phone Interpreting and Video services.

Brands Who Trust Us

We partner with a variety of professional associations, government agencies, medical and legal organizations, and small and large businesses to provide the best possible language solutions for our clients.

What We DO

Services We Provide

Our broad range of language translation services covers human translation, document translation services, and everything you will require for any translation project or translation needs to support any organization, business, or individual. We are your complete language service provider with mastery of over 400 languages and support from hundreds of native speakers worldwide.

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SpeakNOW™ Over The
Phone & Video

Suppose you require language translation services in real-time, especially for business conferences, healthcare needs, educational applications, etc. In that case, you can rely on us to provide the most qualified human translation services whenever you need them. Our professional translators have the experience and proficiency in delivering over-the-phone-and-video services to ensure a smooth flow of communication.

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Americal Sign Language
(ASL) Interpreters

As a one of the premier language service providers in the country, we specialize in over 400 languages. We are experts in remote and rare languages like Navajo, Mayan, Masalit, Karen, and Kinyarwanda. Additionally, we offer reliable and timely services for high-demand languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, French, and American Sign Language.

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Document Translation

We pride ourselves as the only language translation company that can provide document translation services in over 400 languages. Our main goal is to provide our clients with an additional guarantee to provide language translation for the documents written in the rarest languages into high-quality documents for your organization. If you are a business that seeks to be more professional in your documentation and correspondence, do not rely on machine translation, you can depend on us!

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On-Site, IN-Person Language
Interpreting Services

All our translators have one or more accreditation from the American Translators Association or other translation accreditation organizations. You can count on us to take on any translation projects that fit your needs. We pride ourselves on completing the translation process on time consistently.

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The world is getting smaller. Whether you are a business that wishes to expand to international markets or to be able to provide services to any American during emergencies, then The 400 Language People are the best-qualified language translation services for you. With our qualified professional translators, and state-of-the-art translation equipment, we are a full-service translation company that can provide customized translation services like medical translations, translated documents, or whenever you need them for all types of businesses and organizations, regardless of the target language.

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Featured Service

SpeakNOW™ real-time audio and video Interpretation.

With SpeakNOW™, you can get Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services any time day or night. Our fast connection times make it simple to use our app for quick service delivery! The app is simple to use – just download it from Apple Store or Google Chrome browser for your convenience!

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Dedicated Team

If you have language services in mind, whether for on-site interpretation, telephonic interpretation, remote video interpretation, American Sign Language (ASL), document and software translation, or localization services, call us so we can start and provide you a certified translation services.

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Custom Solutions

We have decades of experience and an array of professional translators to accommodate professional translation services for any industry and organization. Whether for industrial and business, health care, education, government, courtroom services, and more, we can design the language translation services that fit your specific needs.

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Professional Linguists

We take pride in our efficiency and the thorough preparation work for our clients. We are more than just providing language translation services and provide certified translations. We also offer solutions. We ensure that our advanced language services can provide an avenue for people to fully express themselves, no matter what the language barrier is.

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400 Languages

As the 400 Language people, we are a language service provider that can break barriers. We believe that language isn’t just about the spoken words but to provide the opportunity for everyone to express themselves fully. Our language services extend to helping people with special needs and to provide accurate translation services.

Our Languages

Languages We Interpret
and Translate

As one of the premier language service providers in the country, we specialize in over 400 different languages. Listed below are some of the top requested

Our Top Requested Languages:


Frequently Asked Questions

Accuracy is our top priority at A Foreign Language Service. We employ native-speaking translators who are experts in their respective languages. Furthermore, every translation is reviewed by a second linguist for quality control. If necessary, we also make use of specialized glossaries, translation memories, and other advanced tools to ensure terminology consistency and high accuracy in our translations.

We provide translation services for a wide variety of documents and materials. This includes but is not limited to business reports, legal documents, technical manuals, medical reports, websites, software, marketing materials, academic papers, and personal documents such as birth certificates and diplomas. Our versatile team of linguists has the expertise to handle translations across diverse industries and content types.

Our translators are not just language experts, but they also have expertise in various industries and domains. They understand industry-specific terminologies, and they use this knowledge to provide accurate and contextually correct translations. We also maintain a library of glossaries and term bases to ensure that specialized terminology is translated correctly and consistently across all your projects.

The turnaround time for a translation project at A Foreign Language Service depends on various factors, such as the length and complexity of the document, and the language pair. However, for a standard document of around 2000 words, you can typically expect the translation within 2-3 business days. We also offer expedited services for urgent requests, with the possibility of delivering translations within 24 hours.

Yes, we certainly provide certified translations for official documents at A Foreign Language Service. Our certified translations are accepted by governments, courts, universities, and other official bodies both domestically and internationally. Each certified translation comes with a signed statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation, as required for official use.

At A Foreign Language Service, we take data security and confidentiality very seriously. All our employees and linguists sign a strict confidentiality agreement. Furthermore, we use secure and encrypted systems to handle documents and personal data. Our commitment to privacy also extends to following all relevant data protection legislation to ensure that your sensitive information is always kept secure.

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