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about a foreign language service in phoenix

We would love to share with you a little about us and our story! A Foreign Language Service (AFLS) came into existence when the City of Chandler, Arizona Police Department asked one of the co-founders, Kajia Wen, to provide interpreting services in Mandarin. The department sought to conduct a criminal investigation of a computer component theft ring at Intel in 1994, and they needed the services of a language interpreter. Consequently, from this initial consulting opportunity, Kajia received more requests for translation and interpreting services.

Expanding Our Services

These requests grew steadily and for that reason a small business formed. Co-founder Bill Peters brought with him a love of different cultures and connections within the local community. As a result, he proved to be a natural at locating and qualifying interpreters from various backgrounds. So much so, that there was–and still is–no language specialist that Bill cannot find! This talent helped to lead to the expansion of the business. As a result, A Foreign language Service (AFLS) came to serve the behavioral health, medical, legal and general business fields.

Finding A Home

By May of 2000, the need for additional staff grew, and we hired a bookkeeper and our first office coordinator. In 2001, we leased an office in Gilbert, AZ, with a small staff of four people. Then, due to increased demand for our interpretation and translation services, we moved to our current location in sunny Mesa, AZ and expanded the AFLS Team to 9 people.

For over 29 years now, the AFLS Team has provided exceptional interpretation and translation services, along with ASL contract services to our clients around the Phoenix Valley, across Arizona, and nationwide. We pride ourselves on having a team dedicated to upholding our high standards of excellence in customer service and integrity. These values have allowed us to become a recognized leader in our industry. Please read some of the many testimonials that we have received about the AFLS Team and our interpreters and translators. We look forward to helping to meet your language needs!

AFLS Mission Statement

A Foreign Language Service is dedicated to providing professional interpretation and document translation contract services in over 400 languages to local communities and businesses. Our clients include government agencies, healthcare organizations, schools, and legal professionals. We partner with national organizations that include the American Translators Association (ATA), National Association of the Deaf (NAD), and National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCIHC).

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What We DO

Services We Provide

AFLS translation in government services


From civil and criminal trials at the municipal, state, and federal levels of government, our professional interpreters have successfully interpreted for many legal cases throughout the years. We continue to work with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and other local law enforcement agencies on criminal investigations as needed. Additionally, we also work with other government agencies and private law offices on legal matters such as immigration, insurance, probate, social services, etc and are listed in the Maricopa County Bar Association Directory for oral interpreters and written translations.

translations in medical field


Our friendly and knowledgeable medically certified interpreters assist administrative staff and clinicians in communication with patients and their loved ones. Some of our clients include Southwest Behavioral Health, Value Options, Health Choice, Desert Vista Psychological Center in Mesa, the Maricopa County Psychological Annex, and the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to on-site interpreting services, we provide telephonic and video interpreting as well.

translation in education


Parent-Teacher Meetings
Classroom Instruction
Individual Education Plan Meetings
Guest Speakers

translation in legal matters

Judicial & Legal

Police Interviews
Parole Officer Meetings
Mandated Mental Health Evaluations
Law Offices –Attorney Meetings
Witness Depositions

translation service in counseling and therapy sessions

Mental Health

Intake & Assessment Appointments
Counseling & Therapy Sessions
Group Activities

AFLS translation for businesses


Businesses / Client Meetings & Negotiations Employment / Interviews & Training Seminars & Conferences Entertainment / Shows & Theater Government Agencies / Political Events Other Events / Business Expos, Health Fairs

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