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Since 1993, A Foreign Language Service (AFLS) has been providing the highest level of service to our customers throughout the United States. As a one of the premier language service providers in the country, we specialize in over 400 languages. We are experts in rare, endangered, and emerging languages like Basque, Irish Gaelic, Ojibwe, and Quechua. Additionally, we offer reliable and timely services for high-demand languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, and Native American.

Whether your need is for on-site interpretation, telephonic interpretation, video remote interpretation, American Sign Language (ASL) or document and software translation, we can handle any of your language requests.

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A Foreign language Service - AFLS
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Mark Qualls
Mark Qualls
11:20 09 Jul 21
Takes care of all my translation needs.
Penny Degroot
Penny Degroot
00:10 16 Apr 21
Awesome, nice nice folks!!!
20:35 13 Aug 20
This company is service oriented, responsive, reasonable and is able to fulfill rare language requests. I highly... recommend more
Paul Schmadeke
Paul Schmadeke
16:39 10 Jan 19
Nice professional service
AFLS Recruiter
AFLS Recruiter
19:16 08 Aug 18
Great company.
Tshijik kabash
Tshijik kabash
23:29 03 Apr 18
Wonderful people doing an awesome job.
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Why Work With Us?

Every Language Matters!

Ask us today about how our interpreting and translation agency expertise and services can help you and your customers and clients with your language needs! We provide free quotes for services in 400 languages across government and business sectors around the world.

Our Partnerships

We partner with a variety of professional associations, government agencies, medical and legal organizations, and small and large businesses to provide the best possible language solutions for our clients.

Professional Interpreters & Document Translators

Since our founding in 1993, A Foreign Language Service (AFLS) has broken the communications barrier by providing professional interpreters and document translators in over 400 languages including American Sign Language (ASL) - and counting. Our contracted linguistic talent combined with dedicated customer service has made us the premier provider of interpreting, translation, and localization services to the greater Metropolitan Phoenix area, around Arizona, and across the United States.

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We Have Your Language! As the "400 Language People,"  we provide exceptional contract services in a variety of languages including those that are rare and emerging.  What sets us apart from similar type of companies is the sheer volume of languages coupled with our unique ability to always customize a communications solution unique to each client! Please use our "Language Search" tool to see if your language is listed or you can view our list of the most commonly requested languages.Whether you are an individual who needs help filling out a government form,  a large hospital requesting an interpreter for a medical exam, or a small business who needs to have marketing materials translated for a multicultural audience, AFLS is there for you. Browse through our website or give us a call at (480) 813-4242 or (844)-813-4242 to let us know how we can help you with your communication needs. Or you can simply contact us via email with any questions that you may have.

AFLS Spanish Interpreters Help Expand Vital Access To Free Testing

AFLS Spanish interpreters help to provide support for pandemic response efforts across the state of Arizona. At A Foreign Language Service – AFLS, we want to remove language as a barrier to COVID-19 testing. Toward this end, we have been providing Spanish language interpreters at testing sites throughout the state. Our on-site interpreters have been helping to expand testing access throughout our communities. With our support, Glendale, Maryvale, and other communities with large Spanish-speaking populations have better access to vital tests.

Vital Availability for Vulnerable Communities

For all of our communities, 2020 has been a challenging year. The global pandemic has impacted millions around the world and across the United States, as well as across the state of Arizona. Although the situation has at times seemed dire in the fight against Covid-19, we have learned a lot. We now know that social distancing, wearing masks, and widespread testing are our best weapons against the virus. Due to the importance of testing, AFLS supports better test access for our most vulnerable communities.

AFLS Spanish interpreters help respond to global pandemic that has impacted communities around the world and across Arizona. Photo by Toa55 on Getty Images.

In July 2020, Arizona State University (ASU) increased Covid-19 testing resources for the state’s hardest hit populations. ASU’s Biodesign Institute developed a new, rapid saliva-based diagnostic tests. These tests help with increasing the number of people tested while decreasing the wait time for results. In Arizona alone, nearly two million COVID-19 tests have been administered. We want to do our part to make sure that everyone who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 can be tested. People should have access a test regardless of income level or language accessibility.

Spanish Interpreters Help Ensure Language Access

AFLS Spanish interpreters are proud to serve alongside health workers to assist with these rapid COVID-19 tests. In Arizona, over one million people speak Spanish as their primary language at home. Our goal is to help make sure all residents have access to clear COVID-19 testing instructions. Accessible instructions help ensure accurate results and help to make our communities safer. Everyone benefits when our most vulnerable individuals receive needed care.

AFLS Spanish interpreters wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the health and safety of the communities in which they are serving. Photo by designer491 on Getty Images Pro.

Language access is incredibly vital at any time, but especially during the pandemic. If we are going to protect our most vulnerable communities, we need to ensure language access for testing. Test instructions must be clear and comprehensible in an individual’s own language for accurate results. Our on-site Spanish language interpreters explain proper testing procedures and answer questions about testing. They also wear full personal protection equipment (PPE) at all times. This way, they make sure to keep themselves and the public safe.

AFLS Supports Arizona’s Pandemic Response

Our on-site Spanish language interpreters help contribute in vital ways to the pandemic response. We remain dedicated to keeping our community safe through on-site interpreting. For this reason, we have partnered with the Glendale testing station at State Farm Stadium, the home of the Cardinals. When Spanish-speaking members of our community arrive at the testing location, we provide on-site Spanish language interpreters. Members of the community seeking COVID-19 tests can locate a nearby testing site through the Arizona Department of Health Services.

AFLS Spanish interpreters help ensure language access at COVID-19 testing sites, serving in the cities of Glendale and Maryvale, as well as around the Phoenix Valley and across Arizona. Photo by JM_Image_Factory on Getty Images.

In addition, we also provide Spanish language interpreters for the Maryvale COVID-19 testing facility. Maryvale is one of the Phoenix Valley’s communities with a large Spanish speaking population. The community also has a lower overall level of income, with many families living at or below the poverty line. Income inequality, though, should not prevent people from having testing access. In fact, these communities should have access to accurate testing instructions in their own language. This way, all of our entire communities can be accurately tested.

Interpreters Help Build Bridges In Our Communities

Whereas COVID-19 has created barriers in our community, our interpreters are helping to build bridges. They have been working hard to make sure that communities throughout Arizona will receive the medical care that they need. Language access helps to improve the lives of our fellow citizens in many ways, one test at a time. Through our support, Spanish-speaking populations across the state now have better access to vital tests. We salute our interpreters for their time, sacrifice, and efforts to care for the most vulnerable of Arizona’s citizens.

AFLS Spanish interpreters help Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens by providing language access at COVID-19 testing sites across the state. Photo by Courtney Hale on Getty Images.

For more information about ASU’s rapid saliva-based diagnostic test, see the ASUNOW article announcing the test as well as the ADHS and ASU partnership. Learn more about ASU’s Biodesign Institute, which developed the test, and find out about Arizona’s response to the pandemic online with ADHS. AFLS is committed to supporting pandemic efforts both throughout Arizona as well as across the United States. Catch up with us on our social sites and on our website to learn more about our response to COVID-19.

Language Interpreting And Translation Services That Make A Difference

As a trusted leading language service provider, A Foreign Language Service – AFLS provides OPI/ VRI interpreting and on-site interpreting, certified document translation, and localization services to clients around the world. We offer services in up to 400 languages, including high demand ones such as Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and American Sign Language (ASL). Depending on your needs, we can also provide support in endangered and emerging languages like Basque, Irish Gaelic, and Quechua.

In this vital work, we collaborate with a network of 1500-strong passionate, licensed professional translators and interpreters based throughout the world. Our clients include global brands and government agencies, as well as the medical, legal, business, and education communities. At AFLS, we understand the power and importance of language. We know that every language matters. Your language matters. Contact us today for a free quote!


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AFLS Spanish Interpreters Help Expand Vital Access To Free Testing
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