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Christine Switzer

I love how language helps us to share our stories with one another. Even though I consider myself only barely multilingual—with a scarcely passable understanding of Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Latin—I have long spent time immersed in the study of language and its role in our lives and our communities. I love reading about the evolution of languages over time, and I grow excited to see emerging languages impacting and shaping communities in new ways.
As a student and as a teacher, I have explored how we use language to share personal and professional stories, and how we participate in community-building through these stories. I believe that languages hold a unique and powerful role in our communities as they help to facilitate unity and growth. I find myself drawn to ways that language help us to connect with and care for one another.
Living in the 5th most diverse city in the United States, and counting many global citizens among my friends, I find myself drawn even more to learning about languages and cultures not my own. In my spare time, I love to explore and enjoy the diversity of our local community with my family.

Blog Post Contributor – Christine Switzer
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