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If you can write it, we can translate it. Our document translation team has the experience and subject matter expertise to ensure your message is communicated accurately. We ensure that your translated document with all its translated text has all its context preserved. Whether you send us pdf documents or any document types, we will make sure that the entire document can either be presented in its original layout as it appears on the original document and original formatting, or in a layout that you require. We don’t just translate words and translates in multiple languages we also package them in a way your readers will appreciate. We make sure that all your documents are translated by a professional translator and that the translation work is of top quality.  Check FAQ’s

Types of Documents we translate

Business and Marketing

Judicial & Legal

Healthcare & Telemedicine


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Thank you very much, I will be using your services anytime I need translation!


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It was great! Thank you so much. I’m sure we’ll be back in the future.

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I would like to thank AFLS for the great job they did on my translation. The attention to detail was very helpful and saved me from a real headache. Service was very fast with great communication. I would recommend AFLS without hesitation

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Good morning, Carolina, today I received my translated and notarized document, I am very grateful for your excellent attention and service, if in the future I need your services again I will contact you and recommend you to my friends and family. I wish you to have a nice day.

Alma R.

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Certified Document Translation

What sets us apart from other certified translation services in the translation industry is our focus on speed and accuracy. We work with experienced and professional human translators across the United States, which gives us the unique ability to turn around every type of document translation project in much shorter windows than our clients expect. We also work with international clients, including ones from China, India, Great Britain, and other European countries who seek a a certified translation company or/and certified translator. For nearly 24 years, A Foreign Language Service has been the first call for busy business professionals looking to have everything from websites to legal documents (birth certificates, purchase agreements, etc) to official documents like patient records and business agreements translated. We ensure that the translated documents have the context preserved. Note that Google translate isn’t entirely accurate if you want your documents translated for business or other official purposes. Only a legal document translation or certified translations services by a professional document translator can vouch for the authenticity of the translated document. If your business is looking to send your highly valuable transition projects to the same agency trusted by the Maricopa County Courts System and the State of Arizona with their translation needs, call A Foreign Language Service today at 480-813-4242. As a member of American Translators Association (ATA), we guarantee that your documents will receive accurate and complete translation.
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Courseware Content

Improve your website’s comprehension and retention by offering courseware content in your learners’ native languages. We support all authoring tools and learning management systems.
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Industries We Serve

The world is getting smaller. Whether you are a business that wishes to expand to international markets or to be able to provide services to any American during emergencies, then The 400 Language People are the best-qualified language translation services for you. With our qualified professional translators and state-of-the-art translation equipment, we are a full-service translation company that can provide customized translation services whenever you need them for all types of businesses and organizations, regardless of the target language. We also offer notarized translation so you are sure to be working with the most qualified human translators to have you document translated accurately.

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Business to Business

Whether you need human translation services or a combination of a human translator team with the necessary translation equipment, we can provide your business with the means to make your business partners and guests feel more welcome. Timely and certified translation service is critical if you seek more significant markets.

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Government Services

With over 20% of Americans not speaking English at home, speaking their native language is essential in being able to deliver government services in a thorough and timely manner. Whether you need language translation services for legal documents, legal procedures, or to provide communication that everyone can understand regardless of any target languages, AFLS is the best translation service available for you.

Educational Support

The key to an effective education process is engagement. With the approved translation services to support you, you can provide all your students with the opportunity to learn and express themselves regardless of their native language. We have both human translator services and the perfect set of equipment to ensure you achieve your goals as an educator.

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Healthcare & Telehealth

Being able to convey healthcare & telehealth services properly is crucial. The context among different languages is different, and the limitation of the English language can be critical in a broad range of situations. Professional translation services will enable healthcare professionals to implement the accurate instructions that anyone will need.

Website Translation

Your website is global. Communicating with your site visitors in their native languages is one of the best ways to build better relationships with your potential customers. Have a WordPress website? Like a translated document, relying on Google translate or clicking translate won’t deliver the context you want to project to your target market when delivered in a different language. Having dedicated web pages for popular languages, as well as the native language of your market can provide you with better traction. Having a translation agency to support you in this process will ensure accuracy, as well as a focus on international SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
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Document Translation FAQ

This is a common question! Both interpreters and translators work with languages.  The difference lies  in how they work – the translator interprets the written word whereas the interpreter translates orally.

Yes, we really do! Please see our list of languages for the more common ones that we get request for and remember, if you have a rare or emerging language that is not on the list, please give us a call or contact us anyway.

It is in the best interest of the client to notify us as soon as possible so we can provide the best translator or interpreter uniquely suited to you.

This depends upon the length of the document(s) and the targeted language.

We have a national network of certified, professional interpreters and translators who can work on-location across the United States, including anywhere in the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona.