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Professional real estate agents and brokers know how to determine the needs and preferences of prospective buyers. They look at location, property type, size, layout, and amenities. They provide comprehensive information about available residential and commercial properties. This task becomes difficult when buyers do not use English as their primary language and need property documents translated into the language they most frequently use. AFLS can help provide an accurate translation of property documents to help overcome any language barrier.

afls document translation Real Estate Sales and Services

When customers are ready to purchase or sell a property, they need the help of a residential real estate agent to find the right properties and help weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity. Creating a list of must-have and nice-to-haves, assessing finances, looking at multiple listings and negotiating for the best price; these are all a part of the search for the right home. 

In a competitive market, you gain the edge by translating your documents into the languages your customers need. They will appreciate your efforts to speak to them directly, and the negotiation process becomes smoother with improved understanding. AFLS translates proposals, offers, counter-offers and closing documents professionally and reliably, helping your reach your sales and marketing goals.

As a professional commercial real estate broker, you want to attract the first-time investor, to educate them on the basics, and the experienced long-term investor, to help them explore the market for the best properties available. The buyer may be looking for smaller rental properties such as single-family homes or condominium rental . You can show them multiple listings to suit their budgets and goals. If they want to acquire something larger and long-term, your acquisition team will search for suitable Class A, B or C  buildings, help negotiate among multiple partners, and guide them through the buying process. 

It is more important than ever to translate your commercial real estate documents into multiple languages to help you succeed. The buyer will appreciate having this benefit in place. The seller will have confidence that nothing has been overlooked. AFLS can help expand your reach and explore new market strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accuracy is our top priority at A Foreign Language Service. We employ native-speaking translators who are experts in their respective languages. Furthermore, every translation is reviewed by a second linguist for quality control. If necessary, we also make use of specialized glossaries, translation memories, and other advanced tools to ensure terminology consistency and high accuracy in our translations.

We provide translation services for a wide variety of documents and materials. This includes but is not limited to business reports, legal documents, technical manuals, medical reports, websites, software, marketing materials, academic papers, and personal documents such as birth certificates and diplomas. Our versatile team of linguists has the expertise to handle translations across diverse industries and content types.

Our translators are not just language experts, but they also have expertise in various industries and domains. They understand industry-specific terminologies, and they use this knowledge to provide accurate and contextually correct translations. We also maintain a library of glossaries and term bases to ensure that specialized terminology is translated correctly and consistently across all your projects.

The turnaround time for a translation project at A Foreign Language Service depends on various factors, such as the length and complexity of the document, and the language pair. However, for a standard document of around 2000 words, you can typically expect the translation within 2-3 business days. We also offer expedited services for urgent requests, with the possibility of delivering translations within 24 hours.

Yes, we certainly provide certified translations for official documents at A Foreign Language Service. Our certified translations are accepted by governments, courts, universities, and other official bodies both domestically and internationally. Each certified translation comes with a signed statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation, as required for official use.

At A Foreign Language Service, we take data security and confidentiality very seriously. All our employees and linguists sign a strict confidentiality agreement. Furthermore, we use secure and encrypted systems to handle documents and personal data. Our commitment to privacy also extends to following all relevant data protection legislation to ensure that your sensitive information is always kept secure.

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