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Equipment rentals
Equipment Rentals


Interpreting Equipment Rentals

Do you have an upcoming event or conference and need to rent equipment for interpreting? Not only do we provide start of the art document translation and interpreting services, we also provide our clients with superior equipment rental products and services, too.

There are several different types of rental equipment based upon the interpreting needs of the event. For example, “simultaneous interpretation equipment” such as an interpreter headset allows the language interpreters to isolate the sound of the presenter from other background noise (including their own voices) while they are interpreting.  Using this type of equipment allows the interpreter to clearly hear the presenter and to clearly and solely focus on providing an accurate simultaneous interpretation without any need for the presenter to pause. 

Please give us a call or contact us and we will be more than happy to help you select the best equipment rental solution to fit your needs and budget!

Equipment Available for Rental

  • Interpreter headset  – great option when where simultaneous interpreting is required.
  • Portable wireless transmitter –  the most affordable portable interpreting solution that can be used when a full interpreting system is not feasible.
  • Full Booth  – this equipment option provides for the most sound insulation that allows for 2 to 3 individuals for interpreting.
  • Tabletop interpretation booth  – portable and economic equipment solution that allows for simultaneous interpreting between two parties.



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Interpreting Equipment Rentals
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