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How Does Video Remote Interpreting Work?

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In a highly globalized world, businesses and institutions need to communicate worldwide with people who are limited English proficient. Moreover, leveraging technological advancements can empower hard-of-hearing clients to communicate through American sign language transmitted through VRI services. For a fast and efficient way for people to communicate across different languages in different locations, video remote interpreting services are the best tool for language support needs.

What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Video remote interpretation is a means where advanced video equipment is used where a remote or offsite interpreter facilitates the communication between parties. In an age where transmitting information is as urgent as ever, there won’t be enough time to employ in-person interpreting. VRI services provide an instantaneous link on demand to bridge language barriers any time from anywhere. Unlike over-the-phone interpretation, participants can see each other through web cameras or smartphones. This way, aside from the spoken language, body language is also visible. These advantages are also invaluable in enabling the deaf community to communicate effectively.

How Does VRI Work?

Current video conferencing tools, with a remote or offsite interpreter that can provide spoken language support, can facilitate the smooth flow of communication across all parties. This type of language support may not need specialized hardware or software to work. A video camera or a smartphone, high-speed internet connection, and surroundings with little background noise are enough to deliver the interpreting service in some instances. For one-off instances, the setup time may take longer. Repeat customers may require faster ways of securing video remote interpreting services when they need them.

The solution is to provide a dedicated platform to facilitate VRI services. Interpretation services can be delivered more efficiently when a language services provider has a dedicated platform such as the SpeakNOW app. Repeat customers can avail of translation services or VRI services on demand anytime. With a dedicated platform, any business can facilitate web conferences across continents as efficiently as well-endowed call centers.

Why is VRI in High Demand?

Accuracy is essential in business, legal, or the medical field. A VRI service does not just deliver spoken languages but nonverbal cues, which can’t be appropriately transmitted over the phone. This interpretation service is a viable alternative, especially when an in-person interpreter is unavailable. Having professional interpreters facilitating VRI service for you is like having on-site interpreting services in the same room.

With enhanced accuracy, police stations, emergency rooms, and courtrooms can facilitate effective communication despite having persons present that can’t communicate in the same language in high-risk settings.

For businesses that maintain operations overseas, having a video relay service on demand through an app can be a game-changer in coordinating activities efficiently worldwide. VRI services are also cost-effective because there won’t be a need to accommodate travel expenses for in-person interpreters.

The best language services, such as AFLS, can also connect users to highly-specialized professional interpreters who are experts in medical, legal, or engineering fields. Like recorded interviews, some apps can accommodate recording to use the conference call as a reference.

Conclusion: Why SpeakNOW Remote Audio and Video Remote Interpreting is a Game-changer for Your Business?

In today’s ever-evolving world, preserving client/customer interactions is invaluable to your communication needs. Bridging the language gap is essential for organizations like yours to engage your clients, employees, and markets meaningfully to address their needs. Whether in a high-risk environment such as hospitals, courtrooms, police stations, or for businesses maintaining overseas operations, securing video remote interpreting quickly is critical. That is when SpeakNOW Remote Audio and Video Remote Interpreting comes in. We can instantly deliver all your interpretation requests with instant language services in a secure cloud-based system. Moreover, billing, tracking, and scheduling are more accessible than ever. With negligible drop rates, high definition, and high speed, you can have a highly-adaptive over-the-phone and video remote interpreting experience. Compatible with any internet-connected device worldwide, you can give your organization an edge over your competition by instantly accessing our excellent language services on demand. To learn more about SpeakNOW Remote Video Interpreting, visit this page. You can also learn more about our services, such as an on-site interpreter and American Sign Language ASL support, by visiting our site or calling us at (844) 813-4242 now.

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