In-Person Interpreting Services in Phoenix, AZ

With over 400 languages and counting, A Foreign Language Service continues to be a leader in on-site interpreting. We serve the local metropolitan Phoenix area, the state of Arizona, nationwide, and internationally in business, legal, and medical fields, as well as with state and local governments and organizations.

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Our Service Promise To You

Dedicated Team

If you have language services in mind, whether for on-site interpretation, telephonic interpretation, remote video interpretation, American Sign Language (ASL), document and software translation, or localization services, call us so we can start.

Custom Solutions

We have decades of experience and an array of professional translators to accommodate professional translation services for any industry and organization. Whether for industrial and business, health care, education, government, courtroom services, and more, we can design the language translation services that fit your specific needs.

Professional Linguists

We take pride in our efficiency and the thorough preparation work for our clients. We are more than just providing language translation services. We also offer solutions. We ensure that our advanced language services can provide an avenue for people to fully express themselves, no matter what the language barrier is.

400 Languages

As the 400 Language people, we are a language service provider that can break barriers. We believe that language isn’t just about the spoken words but providing the opportunity for everyone to express themselves fully. Our language services extend to helping people with special needs.

Reliable In Person Interpretation Services

High-quality in-person interpreting services are designed to help prevent language communication barriers regardless of any spoken language. Available throughout the Phoenix Metro area, the state of Arizona, and across the nation. The role of an interpreter is to thoroughly and accurately communicate for both parties allowing the conversation to flow seamlessly and effortlessly. Our interpreting service also extends to the deaf community through our sign language interpreting services as well.

Our independently certified contract interpreters are bound by and adhere to the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care , National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators’ , American Translators Association and Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf codes of ethics and are in compliance with HIPAA requirements . Per our clients’ requests, each on-site contractor is expected to arrive promptly and dress professionally to each confirmed appointment ready to utilize their exceptional interpersonal and linguistic skills to help facilitate communication.  All of our contract interpreters have accurate knowledge, respect for confidentiality, and understanding of cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic diversity.

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In-Person Interpreting Services

Our network of trained and certified interpreters are available 24/7/365 covering 400+ languages. Our interpreters can be at your location in as little as 30 minutes from the time you make your initial request.

Other Language Services

We also excel at translating an extensive variety of professional documents, including business contracts, marketing materials, legal court documents, immigration paperwork, physician’s notes, treatment records, and complex government forms. If you have documents you need to be translated, call us today to learn how we can help get those documents translated accurately and expeditiously. Our in-person interpreting services exceed the performance of machine-assisted interpretation. Whether you need urgent requests for consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpreting, video remote interpreting, and to serve people who are deaf and hard of hearing, we can provide the right translation and interpreting services on demand.

In addition to providing interpreting & translation services in Phoenix, the AFLS team also offers ASL contract services comprised of national and state certified ASL interpreters experienced in the judiciary, educational, medical, and educational sectors.

Call us today at (844) 813-4242 to learn more about our interpreting and translation services in Phoenix. We are available from 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday to take your call.

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Industries We Serve

The world is getting smaller. Whether you are a business that wishes to expand to international markets or to be able to provide services to any American during emergencies, then The 400 Language People are the best-qualified language translation services for you. With our qualified professional translators and state-of-the-art translation equipment, we are a full-service translation company that can provide customized translation services whenever you need them for all types of businesses and organizations, regardless of the target language.
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Business to Business

Whether you need human translation services or a combination of a human translator team with the necessary translation equipment, we can provide your business with the means to make your business partners and guests feel more welcomed. Timely language translation is critical if you seek more significant markets.

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Government Services

With over 20% of Americans not speaking English at home, speaking their native language is essential in being able to deliver government services in a thorough and timely manner. Whether you need language translation services for legal documents, legal procedures, or to provide communication that everyone can understand regardless of any target languages, AFLS is the best translation service available for you.

Educational Support

The key to an effective education process is engagement. With the appropriate translation services to support you, you can provide all your students with the opportunity to learn and express themselves regardless of their native language. We have both human translator services and the perfect set of equipment to ensure you achieve your goals as an educator.

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Healthcare & Telehealth

Being able to convey healthcare & telehealth services properly is crucial. The context among different languages is different, and the limitation of the English language can be critical in a broad range of situations. Language translation will enable healthcare professionals to implement the accurate instructions that anyone will need.

5 star ratings

Our interpreter was such an asset to today’s meeting with the family. She helped keep the conversation on track by her careful and effective translation which truly made the experience for all those involved. The mom said she was comfortable working with her because she is from Kenya and not part of the conflicts in her own homeland.

Rose Tring

Intake Specialist at Southwest Network

5 star ratings

“Thank you so very much for all your help today, Lisa.

You saved us!

Enjoy your day!”

Olivia M.

Tolleson Municipal Court