On-Site Interpreting Services

When it comes to communication, there is no alternative to doing it face-to-face. In many situations, having an interpreter is crucial in effectively facilitating communication.

From businesses, government services, educational institutions, and healthcare, we have provided translation services for hundreds of institutions and facilities like yours. With our assistance through our language services, primarily in-person and on-site interpreting services, we have helped all parties fully express themselves.

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The Benefits of AFLS On-Site Interpreting Services

As the 400 Language People, we provide one of the largest and most versatile in-person sign language interpreting services in the entire U.S. We have a dedicated team of hundreds of certified interpreters serving all possible sectors and institutions in the U.S. and internationally. We have provided customized on-site solutions for facilities like yours, helping them achieve their aims of bridging the language gap effectively always.

As an expert interpretation company in the field, we maintain our high-quality work, whether for consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpreting or in any spoken language used actively in most transactions. Aside from our high-quality services, we can provide on-site interpreting services in more languages than other language services worldwide. From American sign language and other certified means, there is no language gulf too vast for you to bridge when we work for you.

For urgent requests, call us at (844) 813-4242. We always make our language services available for you.

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When is In-Person Interpreting Services Crucial?

The nuances existing in various communication situations require in-person interpreters to facilitate delivering and receiving the message effectively and efficiently. These crucial situations are:

  • Critical, Complicated, and Sensitive situations

  • Mentally-challenged persons, young children, and those with hindered language skills.

  • High-paced, unstructured discussion involving multiple parties. Moreover, if the meeting involves several languages.

  • Physically-challenged individuals that will find it challenging to use technology such as mobile apps

  • Challenging language patterns

Other specific situations require in-person language services such as medical appointments, legal proceedings, and critical business meetings that require consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting on-demand.

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We Provide the Best-in-Class Experience

By implementing a 9-step, proprietary vetting process, we ensure that you will be provided with the most highly-skilled interpreters in the business who can serve in multiple industries.

National Coverage

We can provide on-site language services in 48 states.

400+ Languages and Growing

We can provide language services in over 400 languages. These include all the major languages in the world, as well as a few of the rarely-spoken languages.

Scheduling On-Demand

We are ready to take your call 24/7 for any translation services and other language services you require.

In-Person Interpreting Services

Our network of trained and certified interpreters are available 24/7/365 covering 400+ languages. Our interpreters can be at your location in as little as 30 minutes from the time you make your initial request.

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Industries We Serve

The world is getting smaller. Whether you are a business that wishes to expand to international markets or to be able to provide services to any American during emergencies, then The 400 Language People are the best-qualified language translation services for you. With our qualified professional translators and state-of-the-art translation equipment, we are a full-service translation company that can provide customized translation services whenever you need them for all types of businesses and organizations, regardless of the target language.
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Business to Business

Whether you need human translation services or a combination of a human translator team with the necessary translation equipment, we can provide your business with the means to make your business partners and guests feel more welcomed. Timely language translation is critical if you seek more significant markets.

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Government Services

With over 20% of Americans not speaking English at home, speaking their native language is essential in being able to deliver government services in a thorough and timely manner. Whether you need language translation services for legal documents, legal procedures, or to provide communication that everyone can understand regardless of any target languages, AFLS is the best translation service available for you.

Educational Support

The key to an effective education process is engagement. With the appropriate translation services to support you, you can provide all your students with the opportunity to learn and express themselves regardless of their native language. We have both human translator services and the perfect set of equipment to ensure you achieve your goals as an educator.

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Healthcare & Telehealth

Being able to convey healthcare & telehealth services properly is crucial. The context among different languages is different, and the limitation of the English language can be critical in a broad range of situations. Language translation will enable healthcare professionals to implement the accurate instructions that anyone will need.

5 star ratings

Our interpreter was such an asset to today’s meeting with the family. She helped keep the conversation on track by her careful and effective translation which truly made the experience for all those involved. The mom said she was comfortable working with her because she is from Kenya and not part of the conflicts in her own homeland.

Rose Tring

Intake Specialist at Southwest Network

5 star ratings

“Thank you so very much for all your help today, Lisa.

You saved us!

Enjoy your day!”

Olivia M.

Tolleson Municipal Court