SpeakNOW™ Remote Interpreting Services 

Do you have an immediate need for an interpreter? A Foreign Language Service can help your business to deliver a better client experience regardless of any language barrier through our real-time SpeakNOW™ Over the Phone Interpreting and Video services.

We provide interpretation solutions both in SpeakNOW™ OPI and video formats that are easy to use and readily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

woman speaking on her phone to translate
woman dispatcher
doctor and patient connected in telehealth
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SpeakNOW™ Over the Phone Interpretation Solutions

All of our interpreters provide confidential, personalized, and HIPPA compliant translations. Set up is easy and per minute rate or volume-based pricing is available. We do apply a surcharge for a rare or emerging language.

SpeakNOW™ Video Interpretation Solutions

AFLS provides video interpretation solutions anywhere a stable internet connection can be made and are device-independent so you can use desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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people interpreting sign language online

American Sign Language (ASL) Video Interpretation SpeakNOW™ or Pre-Scheduled

We also serve the hearing impaired, hard of hearing, and deaf communities with ASL SpeakNOW™ OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) and video interpretation. Please see our ASL page for more details.