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7 Reasons Why You Need Legal Translation Services

legal translation services

Wondering what translation services are and how they can help you with your legal matters?

Law firms are one of the many companies that need translation services. They rely on accurate translations of critical documents. Whether you need to translate a contract, deposition, or another type of document, you need to be sure that the translation is both accurate and legally binding.

If you are still not convinced whether to use certified legal document translation services or not, here are the top reasons to do so:

Legal Translators Do Better Than Google Translate

Google translate is many people’s go-to translation tool. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free. However, when it comes to translating legal documents, a legal language translator will always do a better job. Not only are they specifically trained in translating legal documents, but they also have access to the latest legal terminology.

Legal Document Translation Services Are More Efficient

When it comes to efficiency and accuracy, a legal translation service is far superior than getting someone who just happens to have the native language skills to translate your documents. A legal translation company will have a team of professionals who can work together to get your documents translated as quickly and accurately as possible. Most of the time, they are certified legal translation companies which means aside from experience, they have the proper education, training, and tools to provide you with the most accurate legal translation services possible.

Some Legal Documents Are Better Left In The Hands Of The Professionals

legal document translation company

Legal translations include documents that are highly sensitive. This can include anything from birth and death certificates to adoption papers and more. A legal document translation company will have the experience and expertise to handle these types of documents as they deal with these kinds of legal translation projects every day. That means they know the ins and outs of the law and how to best translate the documents into the target language.

Certified Translations Are More Trusted

As mentioned, certified legal translations are those that are provided by people with proper education and certification in the field of legal translation. When looking for one, the best place to start your search is ATA or the American Translators Association. They have a database of all the certified translation services providers in the country which you can use to find the most qualified person to work on your project.

You can also filter out certified legal translators based on their ATA certification level and the language they translate as well as their location.

There Are More Services Than Just Translation

Compared to opting for a certified legal translation service provider, working with a random language service company will limit the scope of work that can be done. A lot of these companies only offer translation and nothing else.

On the other hand, certified legal translation service providers can offer more than just translation. Some of them also provide related services such as transcription, editing, and even desktop publishing. At AFLS 400 Language People, we offer different services aside from our certified document translation. We also provide remote interpreting, in-person interpreting, and ASL interpreting. This way, you know exactly where and who to turn to whenever you need any language-related services.

Proper Translation of Legal Terminology Protects You Against Fraud

Fraud and being sued because of a mistranslated documents are some of the worst things that could happen to you. If you’re working with a legal document, make sure that it is properly translated by a certified legal translator. This way, you can be sure that the terms and conditions are clearly laid out and that there will be no misunderstanding that could lead to legal trouble.

Not all professional translators are familiar with the complex space of legal terminologies, therefore it is best to work with someone that specializes in legal document translations. This is to ensure that every word, sentence, and paragraph is translated with accuracy.

Translation of Contracts Can Prevent Misunderstandings

Translation of Contracts

When you are handling clients from different countries, it is important that the contract you will be using for your business dealings is translated into their native language. Not only will this build a solid client-client relationship, but this will also prevent any misunderstanding that could happen in the future.

This way, both parties will know exactly what they are getting into and there will be no room for misunderstanding.

The Bottom Line

Investing in certified legal translation services is worth every penny as it can save you from a lot of trouble in the future. Not only will you be able to avoid being sued, but you will also be able to build a good relationship with your clients.

If you are in Phoenix, AZ and beyond, and in search of the best translation company that can work with you on your legal documents, look no further than AFLS 400 Language People. Call us today and let our experts help!

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