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Simultaneous Interpretation and Neural Pathways

simultaneous interpretation complex neural pathways interpreter

TED-Ed provides fascinating insight into the complexities surrounding simultaneous interpretation. This highly specialized form of interpretation often involves interpreters sitting in a sound booth and wearing headphones while providing accurate, fast, real-time interpretation to a live audience.

When stepping into a sound booth to provide simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter has not only been preparing for that particular assignment for hours or days, but the interpreter has also been gaining experience for years so as to provide fast and accurate real-time interpretation.

This TED-Ed video not only illustrates the complex process of simultaneous interpretation, but it also shows the incredibly hard work that is done by the interpreter. An interpreter devotes considerable time and effort to gain not only mastery of a language, but also to gain an understanding of a subject. Over time, this experience actually changes neural pathways in the interpreter’s brain, helping the individual to interpret with greater speed and accuracy.

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