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Remote Audio & Video Remote Interpreting In Seconds

In today’s ever-changing world, meaningful client/customer interactions are at the heart of valuable communications, allowing organizations like yours to fully engage clients/customers regarding their needs. But in an increasingly diverse society, communication challenges can significantly hinder that interaction. That makes telephonic and video remote interpretation essential for seamless communication.

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Introducing our SpeakNow™ Platform

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The SpeakNOW™ platform provides instant language services

The SpeakNow platform is a modern, secure, cloud-based system built to deliver all of your interpretation requests instantly. SpeakNOW™ software is built to make scheduling, billing, and more possible.

SpeakNow™ is one easy-to-use app.

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SpeakNOW™ Software is available on any device all over the world

Our real-time communications program delivers a consistent high speed, high definition, highly adaptive over the phone interpreting (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) experience. Our video call drops are less than 0.1%. Our platform delivers the best interpretation experiences in the industry.

Our Services

A Foreign Language Service (AFLS) is a language services provider that provides you with professional language communication services in more than 400 languages, including remote telephonic, video, face-2-face, in-person interpreting, remote or offsite interpreter for any needs possible, and provide on-demand access to the latest in remote interpreting or video remote interpreting equipment. Additionally, we offer language support, document translation, website localization, and voiceover services

How SpeakNOW™ Platform Works

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SpeakNOW™ Audio Remote Interpreting

A Foreign Language Service We understand that clear and effective communication is the key to understanding. Let our team of trained interpreters help you communicate with total clarity, no matter where your conversation takes place! Indispensible even for a telephone conversation with limited English proficient clients or subjects. Access our team of trained and certified language interpreters who eliminate any language barriers by seamlessly enabling you to converse with others smoothly.

Introducing our SpeakNOW™ platform – A cost-effective way to bridge your language communications.

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SpeakNOW™ Remote Video Interpreting

Introducing our SpeakNow™ platform – A cost-effective way to bridge your language communications. Dedicated Account Manager and Outstanding support to enable video remote interpretation any time anywhere you are in the world. Visually communicate with our remote video interpreters when you need more than a phone call and seeing who you converse with is important. Video remote interpreting provides you with the versatility that an interpreter on-site can provide. Video calls are an essential part of any organizational activities and having professional interpreters on hand doing video remote interpretation can give your organization an edge over your competition, or help achieve your aims as soon as possible.

Remote Interpreting Services


As a one of the premier language service providers in the country, we specialize in over 400 languages. We are experts in remote and rare languages like Navajo, Mayan, Masalit, Karen, and Kinyarwanda. Additionally, we offer reliable and timely services for high-demand languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, French, and American Sign Language.