Read what some of our clients have to say about some of the independent contractors who have done interpreting and translation services for AFLS along with comments about our staff:

Independent Contract Translators and Interpreters

“Our interpretor was such an asset to today’s meeting with the family. She helped keep the
conversation on track by her careful and effective translation which truly made the
experience for all those involved. The mom said she was comfortable working with
her because Ruth is from Kenya and not part of the conflicts in her own homeland.”

– Rose Tring, Intake Specialist at Southwest Network

“I had the pleasure to get the help from a very professional and excellent translator,
Sam Goodwin. Not only is he a great translator but he goes out of his way to help
his clients. I am very fortunate to have had the honor of having such a hard worker help
me out. He does excellent work and is a very well rounded individual who clearly shows
respect and professionalism towards his clients and staff members.”

– Miss Rabadi

“I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed and appreciated having Bertha at today’s
appointment. She was professional and most helpful!”

– Miranda Snook, Case Manager CHOICE Network of Arizona (Townley Clinic).

Office Staff

“Thanks to the office staff! I appreciate you working miracles for us!”

– Morgan Thorwall, Client Representative, J.F.C.S. Catalina Site

“Thank you for your prompt request as it is greatly appreciated on such short notice!”
– Alicia Cozzolino, Senior Court Clerk/Interpreter

“We are often scrambling for services given that there is so little availability up north
so your making this SO easy makes us humbly grateful!”

– Randi Klein, North Central Regional Cooperative and Early Childhood & Family Education

“I am so appreciative. The documents that I requested are beautiful – they look so much

like art. I have been to other places and I can say that no one has done such a beautiful job

as A Foreign Language Service. Thank you, Tatiana and AFLS!”

– Sandra Triana