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What is Remote Interpreting, and Why Is It Important?

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With advancements in communication technology, broader bandwidths, higher storage capacities, and better apps, video remote interpreting can be facilitated easier than ever before. Today, on-site interpretation services are not the only options available. The demands for the exchange of communication are ever-increasing, punctuated most especially by the events associated with the global pandemic. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) are viable options, especially amid physical restrictions. With remote interpreting services available to companies, individuals, and institutions, it is easier nowadays to bridge language barriers among worldwide participants. Whether for conferences, interviews, or meetings, video remote interpreting is now an essential part of everyday life.

How Remote Interpreting Came to The Forefront?

The world is globalized. Businesses maintaining overseas branches see remote interpretation as essential to their business operations. Not only are they expanding their markets, but they also have native-speaking employees. Aside from remote or offsite interpreter, video remote interpretation can enable the headquarters to transmit their message entirely.

The global pandemic accelerated the demand for businesses to have a language services provider to help ensure operations are unhindered by restrictions. Video remote interpreting services are not only relevant in a business setting. In the medical or legal field, remote simultaneous interpreting can help in life-and-death situations.

The Benefits of Remote Interpreting

  • Whether through video remote interpreting or over-the-phone interpretation services, remote interpreting enable multiple participants that speak several languages to participate fully without changing venue.
  • Simultaneous remote interpreting is highly invaluable during conferences. Participants can receive messages from different languages accurately in real-time from different locations and respond accurately.
  • Remote interpreting also allows flexibility to issue instructions on short notice to participants who are limited English proficient. Especially in the case of simultaneous interpretation, the delivery of the message will always be accurate and in real-time.
  • In the case of video remote interpreting, American sign language interpreting can be facilitated properly without requiring qualified interpreters to be on-site to assist people hard of hearing.
  • In urgent situations where face-to-face meetings are not possible, translation services facilitated through video can help meaningfully, assuring accuracy across the spoken languages involved, especially in the case of critical patient care.
  • Video interpreting can also enable participants to see nonverbal cues as necessary as the spoken language.
  • If you understand how does remote interpreting work, you can also derive several advantages from it. You may record them and use them as resources for future references, similar to recorded interviews.
  • Most importantly, because there is no need for travel expenses such as on-site interpreting in the same room, businesses can derive maximum value from video remote interpretation.

When Do You Need Remote Interpreting Services?

A reliable language services provider that can instantly facilitate simultaneous remote or consecutive interpreting with professional interpreters can be a game-changer for your business. The need for communication like doing it in the same language, whether through a telephone conversation or a high-quality video, may happen at any time. In the case of urgent memos or technical support, having VRI services or OPI services can save time and costs by facilitating a smooth flow of information when needed.

Takeaways: For Remote Interpretation, You Can Rely on the 400 Language People

For decades, we have assisted clients with our language services to reach out to places with limited English speakers. We also provide services that empower the deaf, or people hard of hearing, to communicate effectively with the world around them. If you are looking for the best overall satisfaction and the highest quality of service for translation services that can bridge the gap with over 400 languages, you only have AFLS as your choice. With our strict vetting process, you can be assured of having highly-specialized professional interpreters working for you. To find out more about our SpeakNOW Remote Video Interpreting, visit this page. To learn more about SpeakNOW Audio Remote Interpreting through over-the-phone interpreting services, visit this page. Having AFLS working for you can make a difference for your business now.

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