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Why Recorded Interviews Are Important

recorded interviews

With wider bandwidths, faster microprocessors, higher data storage capacities, and optimized recording tools, many companies, groups, and institutions are embracing pre-recorded video interviews as a crucial evaluation tool to screen job seekers. Moreover, aside from the screening process, a pre-recorded video interview can serve many meaningful purposes for sectors such as remote interpreting, news gathering, police investigations, and many more. Recorded interviews are a game-changer than in the hiring process. For decades, there could be many oversights that a face-to-face interview could miss. With a pre-recorded video interview, no details can be missed, no matter how minute.

How Video Interviews Changed the Job Interview Process

1. Video Interviews Allow the Interviewer To Engage with Job Seekers

With a substantial amount of attention paid to taking notes, interviewers used to miss the chance to engage with respondents freely. With a pre-recorded interview that can be reviewed later on, interviewers can engage with the respondents while picking up non-verbal clues, soft skills, and verbal cues that may make or break the interview.

2. A Pre-Recorded Job Interview Can Be Shared Among Department Heads and other Hiring Managers

Gone are the days of canceling job interviews because of the unavailability of the hiring manager or a few evaluators. A pre-recorded video interview can provide all the details and cues for potential superiors to determine if the job seekers fit the slot. With each detail of pre-recorded interviews preserved, the interviewer can share the content among all essential persons involved in the recruitment process. Moreover, with more evaluators watching pre-recorded video interviews, the risk of hiring bias can be minimized significantly.

3. A Pre-Recorded Interview Can Provide Job Seekers an Opportunity To Fit Another Position

A pre-recorded video interview can benefit a specific job seeker who may have initially failed to clinch a spot in the initial screening. Pre-recorded video interviews may also find their way to different department heads. A face-to-face interview may require another appointment for a department head looking for possible qualified job seekers. Meanwhile, the hiring process can be cut short substantially if you are considering a candidate that could fit a different job description for which they applied. This process can also work well with one-way video interviews where the pre-recorded video interview can be viewed by interested parties at any time, especially if the candidate’s experience is more relevant to another department.

4. You Can Rewatch a Pre-Recorded Video Interview On Your Own Schedule

Whether you are on the road, working from home, or doing overtime, you can always take the time to take a second look at the specifics of the job interview you might have missed. Moreover, you can use the pre-recorded video interview as a resource to improve your future interview questions, whether for a one-way video interview or face-to-face interviews in the future.

5. Pre-Recorded Video Interviews Can Help Improve The Interview Process

Whether to improve pre-recorded questions or gather interview tips to improve the hiring process, pre-recorded video interviews provide a wealth of insights regarding how to approach evaluating job candidates to hire top talent successfully later on.

6. Pre-Recorded Interviews Can Facilitate Hiring Remotely

With many office operations going remote, the hiring process is one aspect of operations optimized in this setup. By hiring remotely, companies can screen more candidates across a broad geographical area. Moreover, companies can also review the video recording of interviews with overseas candidates should time zones wouldn’t permit conducting interviews in real-time. Moreover, hiring remotely can be done with the most basic of equipment on the part of the respondent or job applicant. With a wide-enough bandwidth and a mobile phone, an adequately structured interview can be conducted any time, anywhere.

7. A Pre-Recorded Interview Can Help Cut Down Interview Nerves

There might be highly-qualified candidates that may fail in screening because of being conscious of the time limit or being ill at ease in strange surroundings, even when confronted with the appropriate interview questions.

Tips for Job Applicants to Prepare for a Pre-Recorded Job Interview

It is essential to note on the part of job applicants to approach a pre-recorded job interview like they are physically present. They should be conscious of the appropriate body movement, diction, and decorum expected of a top talent seeking the job offer. Like an actual interaction, job seekers should dress professionally. They should provide themselves with appropriate equipment that can help produce the best sound quality for the interviewer. Whenever possible, job seekers should conduct camera tests to ensure the quality of the interview. Lastly, job seekers should consider looking for a place with minimal background noises to ensure interview quality. During the interview itself, the job seeker should look at the camera on their devices as if maintaining the proper eye contact. Moreover, they should sit upright, stay calm, and observe a professional and measured talking style when providing answers.

How Pre Recorded Interviews Help In Other Ways

Aside from helping facilitate a more efficient hiring process, pre-recorded interviews can also help remote interpreting. If you study how does video interpreting works, the fundamentals are present from a pre-recorded job interview.

The same can work for press releases. Respondents may share all essential details through a pre-recorded interview for viewing later on by content writers on their own schedules.


Pre-recorded interviews have changed the hiring landscape. Not only is it making the hiring process more efficient, but it is also a way of preserving the employer brand and company culture by hiring the best people for the job. In AFLS, we also apply the same effective system optimized for video remote interpreting services. With our vast experience, the latest equipment, and knowledge of the business landscape, we help companies and individuals like you to bridge the language barrier to enable you to send your message across all possible people and markets.

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