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How to Ensure Efficient & Accurate Document Translation

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With decades of experience serving a wide range of organizations, we can overcome the challenges presented by our demanding clients. As experienced document translator, we usually encounter issues in layout, context, jargon, and regionalism in terms and expressions, all of which make document translation very challenging.

We typically deliver translated documents without the need for reworking. We can translate entire documents accurately with the context and ideas preserved as faithfully as possible. So, if you want us to translate documents quickly, you can help us simplify the process for us. However, you can save time and document translation cost once you follow the following tips. Before starting, you need to ensure that the target language is presented in supported file formats such as pdf documents with a clearly-written script.

Five Tips To Simplify The Process To Translate Documents

We all work with tight deadlines. Getting translated documents in time is essential for your business. The faster you get a translated document, the better you can communicate with your audience. In the case of medical or legal document translations, then it becomes a more urgent matter, even if this is the most translated document in the world. To ensure that you can reach your audience in the target language you want to translate as soon as possible, follow these five tips to ensure speed and accuracy.

Design Your Layout With The Target Language In Mind

Most common languages, such as Chinese and Romance Languages such as Spanish, require slight adjustments in text size when writing a document translation. For instance, for Spanish, expect an increase of 10% to 15% in text size for the translated documents. For Arabic, Hebrew, and other right to left languages, align your texts to the left to prepare to translate your document. You need to allow vertical space for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to make more complicated characters more easily readable. However, the general rule of thumb is to keep your layout simple and uncomplicated, with enough white spaces to allow texts to expand. Ensure that your original layout will provide for the translated document.

Be Consistent With Your Terminology Wherever Possible

You can save on translation costs by leveraging technology through translation memory tools such as MemoQ. To do this, you need to be consistent in expressing phrases and using terms in your sentences. By being more consistent, you don’t need to translate the same thought and message many times over for the entire document. Despite the rave about machine translation, the best way to translate documents is still with human translators. Using translation memory tools will enhance their work.

Provide a Style Guide

A style guide is a set of rules you provide your translators so they will be familiar with the tone, voice, and writing style when they have the documents translated. By having a style guide, you will save time for your language service providers from having to make guesswork.

Do Not Rely On Google Translate For Entire Documents Especially Important Ones

The value you can get from human-translated documents is profound. Not only can you protect your brand by accurately communicating in your target languages, but you can also preserve the idea in each word that you publish. Moreover, you might also run the risk of legal problems or hilarious results. When a human, especially native speakers, translate content from another language, they ensure that the translated text preserves the meaning, even if the words are unique to the target language. Once you click translate, human translators still trump artificial intelligence today. Google translate is also not capable of translating an entire document written in multiple languages, even for popular languages. Quick translation, therefore, may work for emergency cases or quick references. However, these tools are still not applicable for formal documents.

Keep Your Language Simple

When you produce a document that is meant to be translated, make sure that you avoid complicated sentences, regionalism, humor, or jargon as much as you can. Marketing documents may involve humor as part of their language. However, technical and legal documents are filled with industry-specific terms. In these cases, human translators fluent in the target language can break these barriers and preserve the idea behind the original document.

Takeaways: Select a Dependable Document Translation Company To Gain Advantage Over Your Competition

AFLS, the 400-Language People, is widely experienced in document translation, among other language services we provide. In this vital work of translating documents, we collaborate with a network of 1500-strong passionate, licensed professional translators and interpreters worldwide. Our clients include global brands and government agencies and the medical, legal, business, and education communities. We have the expertise to break barriers to ensure you will get an accurately translated document that suits your organization’s language. At AFLS, we understand the power and importance of language and faithfully preserve the document’s message. We know that every language matters—your language matters. By following these tips, you can help us save time by providing you with high-quality translated documents as soon as possible. Contact us today for a free quote!

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